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Client Projects

We've completed over 100 projects in all aspects of the payments industry for our retailer, financial institution, and network clients. Here's a sampling of completed projects.

Payment Strategies

Reserve and expense management, portfolio optimization, and product development are all part of a comprehensive payments strategy. We can set a course for effective payments management throughout the organization.

Evaluating Vendors ...

...requires comparing apples to oranges, especially when it comes to pricing. No two are alike, but there is a best fit for you. Let us help you sort it out.

Project Management

From card swipe to settlement, we manage projects in every step of the transaction cycle.

ATM, Debit, and Credit Card Program Management

  • ATM, Debit, and Credit card profitability analysis projects. Recommendations from these projects included network membership changes, product pricing strategies, and expense management controls.
  • RFP and vendor evaluation projects for networks, ATM ISO’s, and financial institutions for the selection of hardware, software, and transaction processing partners.
  • RFP and vendor evaluation projects to evaluate options for national and regional network affiliations including switch fee and interchange pricing analysis.
  • In-house versus outsource analyses for ATM driving functions.
  • In-house versus outsource analyses for credit card processing functions.
  • Debit and Credit loyalty program RFP and vendor evaluation projects.
  • Best practice reviews for the ATM, debit, and credit card programs, identifying opportunities to reduce risk, reduce processing costs, and increase operational efficiencies.
  • Contract and billing review projects. These projects compare existing contract rates and terms to the current market rates and terms. Billing review projects identify billing errors and validate billing rate alignment to existing contracts.
  • Provide ad hoc support to assist with troubleshooting transaction processing issues and error resolution.

Process Re-engineering

  • Redesigned settlement and reconciliation processes for credit union clients, eliminating manual calculations and increasing staff efficiency. Implemented new procedures and provided in-depth training including troubleshooting network and host system transaction processing problems and out of balance conditions.
  • Redesigned and streamlined ATM balancing procedures for ATM cash, and envelope, image and bulk note cash deposits.

Project Management

  • Completed terminal driving conversions from in-house to outsourced processor. Developed new settlement, reconciliation, and GL balancing procedures. Managed certification testing, internal training, and hardware conversion processes.
  • Completed conversion projects for national credit union network. These included new network participants, processing platform changes, ATM installations, merger/acquisitions, and switch migrations.
  • Completed merchant processor conversion and implemented automated settlement and reconciliation processes for national retail client with 1,100 stores

White Papers, Education, and Subject Matter Expertise

  • Developed specialized ATM related curriculum and provided instruction for major credit union network educational program.
  • Authored white papers commissioned by a national EFT Network and transaction processing provider. Titles included: “The Changing Debit Landscape” and “Managing ATM Capital Investments: Strategies for Credit Unions”
  • Authored several payment industry articles for various trade publications.
  • Completed speaking engagements at various conferences and industry trade groups.
  • Served as an expert witness and consultant in a successful multi-million dollar payments related lawsuit.